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Well… I’m Benoît (BSM) Saint-Moulin a Belgian Noize Maker & Artist started back in 1996 and worked for Artists, Bands, Radio Host, Studios,…

I’m self trained and like to combine analogue and numeric technologies with audio and video to avoid the dark side sterelized-computer world. I Like music and like to play many kinds of music from 70′s to today…That must groove !

I collaborated with companies such as SSW, PIAS, SONY, NRJ, FUN Radio, Arkaos, ACF, MCM,… and marvelous artists like Werner PansMichel Grigorakis, Jean-Marc lederman, Marco Hinic, Marc Morgan, Jean-Michel Jarre, Trax records, Jessie Deep, etc

Influenced by EBM, EDM, NewWave, DarkWave, Rock, Pop, Chicago, Detroit, Disco, Funk & Hip-Hop and artists like :

Gary NewMan, Telex, The Cure, Front 242, Frankie knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Depeche Mode, Anne clarck, Bauhaus, The Cult, Nina Hagen, Joy Division, Pink, The Specials, Kasabian, The Offspring, Garbage, Muse, Iggy Pop, Madness, PIL, The Clash, Le Tigre, Gossip, The Trashmen, David Bowie, Blondie, Rage Against The Machine, House of pain, Cypress Hill, De la Soul, Moby, Jeff Mils, Chuck Berry, Carl Cox, DJ Pierre, Mark Farina, Green Velvet, Kraftwerk, Yello, Fat BoySlim, Ministry, Adam Beyer, Steeve Aoki, Ben Sims, Utah Saints, Plastikman and so many !

I received a Belgian recognition of professional reputation and I founded TDT3D (my CGI website).

In an other life, I was demomaker / coder & winner of many technicals demos competitions.

Finally, Thanks for visiting !

Feel free to check out :

  • tdt3d.com : The biggest Belgian and one of the most world respected 3D CGI community.
  • LinkedIn : My 3D & CGI references.