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Well… I’m Benoît Saint-Moulin a Belgian Artist / DJ started back in 1996.

Latest Dj set -> Let’s move on Namur V 1.0


I’m self trained and like to combine analogue and numeric technologies with audio and visuals to avoid the dark side sterelized-computer world. I Like music and like to play many kinds of music from 50′s to today…That must groove!

I collaborated with companies such as SSW, PIAS, SONY, NRJ, FUN Radio, Arkaos, ACF, MCM,… and marvelous artists like Werner PansMichel Grigorakis, Jean-Marc lederman, Marco Hinic, Marc Morgan, Jean-Michel Jarre, Trax records, Jessie Deep, etc

Influenced by Indie, Pop, Rock, Electro, EBM, EDM, NewWave, DarkWave, Chicago, Detroit, Berlin, Disco, Funk & Hip-Hop.

As Award I received a Belgian recognition of professional reputation and Audio Visual Creative Fair (ACF) for Arkaos and win many underground scene demos competitions.

Finally, Thanks for visiting and Stay tuned !

Feel free to check out :

  • tdt3d.com : I founded the biggest Belgian and one of the most world respected 3D CGI community.
  • Linkedin : Computer Graphics & CGI references.