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Benoît Saint-Moulin

Benoît Saint-Moulin (bsm)

Thanks for landing on my minimalistic’s website,

I’m Benoît (BSM) Saint-Moulin a DJ & VFX Belgian artist.

I started back in 1996 and worked for Artists, Studios, Bands, Films, Events,…

I’m self trained and like to combine analogue and numeric technologies with audio and video to avoid the dark side sterelized-computer world, as DJ I like to Play Pop / Rock / Electro / House…

 I worked with companies such as SSW, PIAS, SONY, NRJ, FUN Radio, Arkaos, ACF, MCM,… and marvelous artists like Michel Grigorakis, Jean-Marc lederman, Moby, St Germain, Moloko, Jean-Michel Jarre, Trax records, Jessie Deep,…

Influenced by Disco, NewWave, 80′s, 90′s, Indie, Brit-Pop, Rock, Chicago, Detroit, NewBeat, TSOB.

I received a Belgian recognition of professional reputation and I’m also the founder of TDT3D.

In an other life, I was also demomaker / coder and winner of many technicals demos competitions.

Finally, you’ll find here few fragments of my works : few originals tracks, mixtapes but also few visuals, painting, references…if you want to check out what  I do as 3D Computer Graphics artist, please feel free to visit my dedicated websites :

  • tdt3d.com : The biggest Belgian and one of the most world respected 3D CG community.
  • LinkedIn : My 3D & VFX pro references.