Playing Electronic music & Techno, clearly inspired by the Belgium Electronic Wave, Detroit and some Berlin, Benoît is often considered as a kind of a Belgian multi-talented artist (DJ, Artist, & Technology Pioneer).

He collaborated with artists like Jessie Deep! (R&D, Lost tracks), Jean-Marc Lederman (Fad Gadget, Front242,…), Jean-Michel Jarre (Jarkaos) on “Odyssey Through O2”, Michel GrigorakisWerner Pans, Marco Hinic,… To the creation of CD+ with artists like Moby, Moloko, St Germain,… Records such SONY music and PIAS record through the birth of Arkaos and numerous avant-gardist digital projects.

Benoît is traveling in a deep universe fulfilled of arts and beautiful melodies, maybe he is just one more singularity?

Have a nice day!