Welcome stranger!

Who Am I? Really important?

I’m often considered as a kind of a Belgian multi-talented multimedia artist (DJ, VJ, Live Performer…) maybe just one more singularity?

Artist: I like to combining & matching analogue and digital media to express myself, random first… no rules!

Deejay: I like to playing anything that’s inspire me ;) I’m born with Funk / Rock / Techno and The Sound of Belgium in ears… we are traveling in a deep universe fulfilled of beautiful melodies, aren’t we?

Past in brief: I have been lucky to work together with fantastic artists & friends like Jessie Deep!, Werner PansJean-Michel Jarre, Marco Hinic, Michel Grigorakis, Jean-Marc Lederman… and companies such as SSW studio, PIAS record, SONY music, NRJ, FUN radio, McM tv, Arkaos,

Have a nice day!